7 Reasons Why A Coconut Fibre Mattress Is Your Best Bets While Buying New A Bed!

Perfect beds are doorways to heaven you enter when you sleep! But how do you decide if you go for an all natural latex mattress or do you settle for a foam mattress? Standing in a mattress store and choosing the right kind of bed can be pretty confusing.

Coconut Fibre Mattress 

But here 7 reasons why a coconut fibre mattress should be your go-to choice.

  1. It’s all natural and non-toxic!

A lot of people in Sydney are allergic to foam. The fibre in coconut mattress also known as coir is obtained from the husk of a coconut. It is very useful as a bedding material. Coconut fibre mattress is all natural and non-toxic. This is an Allergy friendly mattress. That’s why it is a good replacement to foam mattresses.

  1. It’s Homemade!

Coconut fibre mattresses are not factory produced like other mattresses. They are made by talented workers by their own hands. They … Read More