Interesting Tips On Choosing Timber And Play Safe

Composite wood, iron and some other materials have garnered quite a following and created quite a buzz when they first entered the home furniture sector. This phenomenon saw a decrease in the popularity and demand for wood. But this phenomenon didn’t last long as consumers started to understand the actual reality of these products and as a result, the demand for wooden furniture is on the rise again.

Teak, mahogany, maple, oak, etc. are examples of some of the prime woods used to make furniture. But timber is not a wood itself, it is actually wood processed and turned into planks and beams. Timber is mainly used in construction work but it is also used to make furniture, especially timber king bed frame has a very high demand.

So, what is the reason behind this popularity of wood?

To find out let’s take a look at the reason why one should choose wooden furniture.


The wooden finish of composite wood can fool you easily but remember they are nothing like the actual thing. Wooden furniture has the capability to bring a certain personality to your home decor. A timber king bed frame with a dark polish as the centerpiece of your bedroom can change the aesthetics of your home.

Durability and reliability:

Well, the durability and reliability of a timber king bed frame are unquestionable. They are known for their structural integrity and rigidity. Proper maintenance can make timber furniture last for generations. We often see century-old furniture in antique shops getting auctioned; remember despite their age they can still beat a lot of modern materials.


Wooden furniture is really easy to maintain. Once a week, take a soft cloth and just remove the dust or if you want you can use lukewarm water with a little soap. But, don’t rub the soapy water, just apply it and then gently clean with a soft cloth. Also, polishing it after every few years will keep the furniture just as new and at the same time, the polish will also take care of its health, subsequently increasing its longevity.

Corrosion resistance:

Hardwood timbers are known for their anti-corrosive property. The dense and compact structural quality of hardwood gives it this quality. Also, the natural smell of hardwood like mahogany gives it the additional advantage of being a very good insect repellent. The natural smell of mahogany saves it from the termites.


So, with a timber king bed frame, you are not just bringing home a mere bed, but you are bringing peace of mind too. A bed of this quality is sure to run for years on a very little maintenance cost. The only downside here maybe the cost upfront, buying a timber bed will definitely set you back a lot of money, but this investment is worth it.

So, if you are truly looking for a timber bed unit then it is best to your own research first and then visits your nearest store. This research will help you to negotiate the best price. Last but not least, choose the design and polish keeping your room in mind.

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