7 Reasons Why A Coconut Fibre Mattress Is Your Best Bets While Buying New A Bed!

Perfect beds are doorways to heaven you enter when you sleep! But how do you decide if you go for an all natural latex mattress or do you settle for a foam mattress? Standing in a mattress store and choosing the right kind of bed can be pretty confusing.

Coconut Fibre Mattress 

But here 7 reasons why a coconut fibre mattress should be your go-to choice.

  1. It’s all natural and non-toxic!

A lot of people in Sydney are allergic to foam. The fibre in coconut mattress also known as coir is obtained from the husk of a coconut. It is very useful as a bedding material. Coconut fibre mattress is all natural and non-toxic. This is an Allergy friendly mattress. That’s why it is a good replacement to foam mattresses.

  1. It’s Homemade!

Coconut fibre mattresses are not factory produced like other mattresses. They are made by talented workers by their own hands. They are specially handcrafted for your comfort. Every sheet and layer of the mattress is designed and weaved carefully so you can have a good and peaceful sleep.

  1. It maintains a perfect temperature

Does your bed feel too hot after you sleep for a long time? No need to worry! The coconut fibre mattresses are designed such that air circulation inside the layers is well-maintained. It keeps Temperature at a level which is ideal for sleeping.

  1. It’s resistant to spillage

Do you have a habit of having beverages on the bed or do your kids tend to spill water and a cold drink on the bed? These mattresses take care of that too. It holds water or any other liquid and minimizes the area of spillage.  Now you can chill and have coke on your mattress on your bed without any worry.

  1. It’s resistant to pest breeding

Breeding of mites, or of bacterial and fungal nature can be a headache. Coconut fibre mattresses are designed to prevent any kinds of infestations.

  1. It’s health-efficient

The risk of respiratory disorders like Asthma and others like it is significantly decreased. You don’t have to wake up coughing in the middle of the night anymore.

Also, its design helps in protecting your back. Its design is such that it eliminates back and spinal cord problems.

  1. Cost-efficient and durable

The coconut fibre mattress is as tough as a coconut in the sense that it lasts longer. Once you buy one, you don’t have to worry for years because of its high durability. Also, because it lasts that long, you don’t have to spend money on buying a new mattress.

A good night’s sleep is a must after and before a hard-working day. Thus, it is important for you to choose a perfect mattress to help you get a sound and peaceful sleep. Coconut fibre mattresses with all the benefits mentioned above should and would be your only choice the next time you want to buy a mattress!

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